Website Development & Design

Devices, protocols, trends and audiences will keep changing, and so will we to stay at least a half-step ahead for you.

Building on experience

A major web site rebuild for Therm-all showcases their industry expertise and updated product line information. Speedier loading, new customer-service options, enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile responsiveness mean that Therm-all reaches a larger audience, more quickly, and on the device they choose.



Move right in

For real estate professionals, it’s all about those three magic words: Occupancy Rates Rule. The management team of an apartment complex located in a competitive rental environment relied on a new user interface, sparkling virtual tours, and translation tools to bring a steady stream of qualified occupants to Kensington Place Apartments.



Dial 9-1-1 design

If any group appreciates the importance of clear communication, it’s the Ohio Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians (OAEVT). These professionals make sure that ambulances, fire trucks, and police cruisers are ready for emergencies in your community. Act 3 is proud to take OAEVT’s call to update its member site for a better user experience.