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bring your live, virtual, or hybrid event to life with Act 3

Humans have gathered at events for thousands of years; from chariot races the Roman Colosseum; pilgrimages that attract faithful across continents and oceans; to modern day media opportunities, conventions, and showcases. One constant: we are social beings. Times change, we change, pandemics come and go, but some things remain the same: we are social animals. Organizations that select and produce successful events become more successful because of them.

Whatever your event is, Act 3 can help. We can manage the logistics, message development, and media production to deliver your company a successful event.

Some of the events we help produce include:

  • Book & product launches
  • Technical conferences & Trade shows
  • Fundraising events

Whether your event is virtual, in person, or hybrid Act 3 knows how to create a great event that will connect you with your audience.

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We help transform your ideas into entertaining and informative events and media.

Act 3 and our event production is informed by the past, grounded in the present, with one eye trained on the future. One guarantee – whether it’s two weeks or two years from now, Act 3 will help you produce and evolve, too. Whether your event is live, digital, or a clever, effective hybrid event, Act 3 will deliver on time and on budget.


Ground-breaking; ribbon-cutting; retirement and recognition; and other significant events in the history of your organization deserve a significant production on your part. Act 3 helps dozens of organizations “mark the moment” with the important milestones that create organizational culture that matters.
A grander opening – On a commission to capture the festivities associated with a grand opening of an organization’s major new addition, Act 3 went a step further: “Let’s add a PA system so the audience can enjoy festive walk-in music and amplification for presentations.”
Client: “Thanks for thinking of this.”
Groundbreaking events – even those not involving gold shovels – are moments worthy of marking. The message is clear: This is our beginning. Let’s make something great.
Celebratory Scissors – Cut the cake at a wedding to celebrate a new life together. Cut a ribbon at a new facility to celebrate a new facility and new opportunities. Act 3 has the big pair of scissors and the big experience to make your ribbon cutting special.


Yesterday’s “door to door” sales calls are today more often conducted at a trade show call, in a tech conference, or online. For a short or long sales cycle, whether the prospect is across the street or on the other side of the globe, think of Act 3 as your sales engineer, creating media and platform opportunities that work.

Big events like trade shows require big investments in big visual messages that quickly tell a story. We enhance and photo illustrate images so your organization puts its best foot forward.
Striking homerun – Act 3 created this striking graphic to greet visitors at a major aerospace conference. One 10’x10′ show graphic we created boldly illustrates how our client’s products integrate into high-performance flight operations.

The story of Terry Gilbert is one of persistence in righting social injustices over a career that spans five decades. The launch of his memoir, Trying Times, is a story of an overflow, enthusiastic audience brought together virtually.

Engaging Opportunities

“Engagement” represents media opportunities that are typically less reliant on immediacy than “Milestones” or adopt less of an in-your-face posture than “Selling.” Positive engagement with donors, alumni, colleagues, consumers and media professionals relies on regular commitment to high quality content that Act 3 can create.

Loud on the set Act 3 produced author Bob Madison’s appearance on a broadcast television program that highlighted his memoir, Designing Victory. A proud man with a big story deserves to hear his story told loudly.
Couple for the cause Act 3 produced the appearance of author and celebrated architect Robert Madison to a sold out luncheon program at the equally legendary City Club of Cleveland. Act 3’s Jaime Lombardo took to the opportunity to reconnect with his former colleague Dee Perry, the program emcee.
Rocking the stage The Rock and Roll Hall needs great people telling great rock and roll stories. Ron Hill brought together authors of Act 3’s Mike Belkin memoir for a memorable program. (Hill, authors Mike Belkin & Carlo Wolff, Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris).