Video & Animation

Every 24 pictures tells a 1-second story. No interviews, instead conversations, everyday scenes, animation. Edited, woven, created and produced.

Reel Social

You were there, right? View a highlight reel of that cool event and you relive the great time, great hospitality, and the memories made that day. And for those who didn’t attend, a highlight reel like this one for the Literacy Cooperative provides a subtle nudge: “This is a good cause, this is a good time – get involved next time.”


Social Media Video

Yes, that’s a real media category. Social media videos turn traditional video on its side. Vertical (to fit that phone in your hand), typically 60-90 seconds, and featuring quick cuts, concise subtitles, cool animation, and bouncy music tracks. This video helped promote the Cleveland Bagel Company and the civic investment that made it possible.


Social Change

Many situations require more than a breezy video. A three- to five-minute video that weaves thoughtful, heartfelt interview excerpts with appropriate, illuminating b-roll, illustrations, and animations. Whether the goal is to spur investment in social change or new capital equipment, video is an effective marketing investment.