If you care about your brand, we certainly hope something’s bugging you. We’re talking about “bug,” as in the memorable component of your logo or logotype.

If it’s good, your bug is has become a visual nickname for your organization or brand. For employees, channel partners, or loyal customers, that image immediately promotes preference or even affection. Consider the bug in the logo imprinted on this gym bag:

It’s the once-Fortune 250 company called Reliance Electric, manufacturer of the kind of industrial products (electric motors, controls, and bearings) that create modern manufacturing magic. And Reliance’s bug (the “r” with the rhombus below) has a great nickname.

The “Drippy Faucet.” Take a look – you get it, right?

You might think it’s derogatory to associate a high-technology brand with defective plumbing. But my experience with that brand and others is like the nickname you call a best friend.

Quick, familiar, comfortable. And if you’re fortunate enough to create a visual identity that includes a bug that’s fit to grace coffee mugs, shirts, the favicon element of a website while it earns a fun nickname, good for you. You’ve designed something memorable for a brand that has followers who care.

Here’s a bug from a complete visual identity we created recently—the full logotype on top, and the bug on the bottom. The East Providence, Rhode Island-based firm Evan Capacitor Company creates high-performance electronics for aerospace and other high-tech applications.

And the cool nickname of Evans’ bug?  “JetStar,” of course. Congrats to Act 3’s Ron Hill for creating and extending the use of the Jetstar. This a comfortable bug to be around. 

Anything bugging you? If you know of any other fun nicknames for corporate logotypes or bugs (maybe yours?), let us know and we’ll include them in a future post.