Man, Machine, Mission

The Act 3 team with Shadi Ayoub

Shadi Ayoub and his restored Heidelberg Letterpress

As the Delta variant reminded us who’s in charge (hint: it’s not us), we donned our masks in order to meet a remarkable man with an infectious spirit – and an incredible machine. In late August, Act 3 saddled up and rode to The 961 Collective. In a repurposed 100 year old industrial building, there it was: a vintage Letterpress machine that was lovingly brought back to life by the Collective’s founder, Shadi Ayoub. Today, Shadi doesn’t operate his two restored Heidelberg Letterpress machines as much as he plays with them like a child plays with a train set – or a virtuoso violinist plays a Stradivarius.

In a word, we were wowed. When it comes to graphic arts, Shadi’s letterpresses seem like they can do it all. Printing, of course, especially impressive on all manner of bespoke, heavyweight stock including paper with high cotton content. But the Letterpress stands above when it’s embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and when fitted with custom dies, creating envelopes, scores for folding and peek-a-boo cut out shapes for great effect.

Shadi’s passion really shines through, too. We’re glad he gave us the chance to visit The 961 Collective to experience this one man, two machine band. So stay “tuned” as we prepare to create our first project to be produced at The 961 Collective.

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