Caricature Illustration


Caricatures and Marketing…

By definition, a caricature is an “exaggerated likeness.” They are also fun and memorable, making them a perfect marketing tool if you want to stand out in a crowd…


Corporate Appreciation

A unique and fitting keepsake, caricature portraits commemorate career achievement and milestones, corporate success and lasting contribution to an organization in a colorful, fun and detailed fashion that will be treasured, remembered and displayed by the recipient for years to come.

Quick-Sketch Entertainment

Perfect for your holiday event or sales meeting, this is a fun and engaging way to capture your guests’ or sales leads’ attention at seminars, trade shows and conferences. The paper can be pre-printed with your organization’s brand and messaging, as well, making this a valuable marketing tool.

Promotional Items

Humorous caricature illustrations on apparel, websites, ads and marketing will be memorable in your client’s and customer’s marketing media. 

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