Mindful wishes

Master Glass Bender Robbie Ingui in layout mode.

A post-ish pandemic family trip to NYC to visit family. A walk around the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens, a passing notation of a legendary neon and sign studio. “I’d like to stop in next time we’re in town . . . always thought it would be cool to have one custom made.”

Two weeks later, a surprise Father’s Day visit and startling presentation of a neon masterpiece from Artistic Neon.

We’ll share a pic of the installation in the office when completed.

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Man, Machine, Mission

As the Delta variant reminded us who’s in charge (hint: it’s not us), we donned our masks in order to meet a remarkable man with an infectious spirit – and an incredible machine. In late August, Act 3 saddled up and rode to The 961 Collective. In a repurposed 100 year old industrial building, there it was: a vintage Letterpress machine that was lovingly brought back to life by the Collective’s founder, Shadi Ayoub. Today, Shadi doesn’t operate his two restored Heidelberg Letterpress machines as much as he plays with them like a child plays with a train set – or a virtuoso violinist plays a Stradivarius.

Choose to Read Ohio

Choose to Read Ohio

Act 3 is proud to have its book Designing Victory selected for the Choose to Read Ohio (CTRO) Booklist
What better way to spend time indoors than reading this powerful uplifting story…

Something Bugging You?

If you care about your brand, we certainly hope something’s bugging you. We’re talking about “bug,” as in the memorable component of your logo or logotype. If it’s good, your bug is has become a visual nickname for your organization or brand. For employees, channel partners, or loyal customers, that image immediately promotes preference or even affection – even when it’s on something like a gym bag. . .