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Act 3 builds on a dynamic network of creative professionals to help you succeed.

Meet the Act 3 Team

Maria Ahmad


If Maria was compelled to select a personal tattoo to signal her profession or passion, then hers would be stylish ink. “Designer,” that would be Maria’s mark but most likely, you’d never see it. Maria would wear it up her sleeve, a hidden self-affirmation of all matters related to quality visual design. A recent Bachelor of Arts grad of Cleveland State University’s design program, Maria manages, designs and produces video, web and print projects. See an animation on the Act 3 site? Chances are that’s the work of Maria, too. Maria is currently a graduate fellow at Kent State’s School of Visual Communication Design. Oh, and in her “spare” time, she wanders in nature singing to her imagined audience on The Voice. For good measure, she’s on the front lines in helping to crush that pesky global pandemic thing. Nights and weekends, she makes her mark in administering one vaccination at a time.

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Ron Hill


At kindergarten registration, students, parents, and teachers all stared at the amazing giraffe being brought to life one four-year old, armed with only one brown and one yellow crayon. Ron was off and drawing – by his estimation, he has illustrated nearly a quarter of a million faces since then. Over the last 35 years, Ron extended and honed his craft as an editorial cartoonist, humorous illustrator, caricaturist, advertising creative director, author and educator. A Cleveland native, he’s a proud grad of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, and avid reader and book collector. When he’s not filling notebooks at 5am with ideas or his iPad Pro with sketches and storyboards in the evening, Ron and his ringmaster wife smilingly direct a three-ring, four-generation circus at their home in suburban Cleveland.

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Jaime Lombardo


Jaime integrates the esoteric (like a love of nature and literature) with the practical (from hands-on print shop operation to project management). As Act 3’s managing partner, he brings intense proficiency in graphic design, illustration and web development that’s matched only by his calm demeanor in the face of impossible deadlines. A fan of the kitschy erstwhile TV series Columbo, Jaime finds ways to surprise and delight clients when he delivers “just one more thing” from his production portfolio. Here is Act 3’s most proficient photo-retoucher, who can enhance a lobby by making a barren potted tree blossom or create a snowstorm in July to display next season’s snow plow models. An accomplished production manager with a broad foundation, Jaime just can’t turn it off. In his “off-time,” he annually donates hundreds of pro-bono hours to startups and nonprofits.

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Jim O’Hare


Two years in, architecture studies at Kent State had become too abstract for Jim. At John Carroll University, Jim migrated to study the design of language, narratives, and character as he earned an English and Journalism major. Teacher, magazine editor, corporate brand director, media studio director, publisher, producer, father, councillor, friend: Jim remains a hybrid guy who infuses projects with part intuition, part technology to deliver award-winning results. An early corporate evangelist for seminal electronic communications apps include desktop publishing, database publishing, satellite broadcasting, enterprise web publishing, webcasting, Jim’s been there, done that. But he’s not done looking forward to mixing up a practical, unique solution for your needs. Community development, information technology, bioscience, and ESG operations keep Jim’s hybrid batteries charged up and ready to use.

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Michael Schwartz


As a boy, Michael’s parents knew that he’d be in a creative career: he was always praised for his drawings in class. He pursued his love for art by earning his bachelor of arts degree in graphic design from the University of Akron. Layout and typographic design are second nature to Michael, especially after working for a number of years on the student newspaper staff. Thanks to six years working for various newspapers, catalogue publishers, and as a lead graphic designer for a college shirt company, layout and typographic design are second nature to Michael. His skill exceeds his youth. When not designing he’s creating comics, playing video games (he has a dozen vintage systems from SEGA to Playstation) or traveling.

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Alexandra Vicarel


Meet Alex, also a JCU alum, and yet another Act 3 English major (for you math majors out there, that makes three). Experience the work of Alex and any notion that “editing” is a passive, non-creative function will be dispelled. In-text and video editing or project production, “killing darlings” is Alex’s specialty. Bloated copy or non-essential words, footage, or project elements are trimmed, shaped, or just plain killed – deftly, pleasantly, and decisively. The result? A leaner, crisper, more creative product. Currently, a roster of six proposed or in-process books benefit from Alex’s “killer” publishing instincts. Meet Alex on a call and you’re likely to be greeted by her feline friends Kali and Jay, drawn to the small Zoom screen and comfortable keyboard.

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