50 Ways to Leave a Greeting

What better way to wish a Happy 50th Birthday greeting than to order take away treats from a local, beloved local business? Especially a restaurant – margins are skinny in the best of times, the public’s tastes are fickle, the workforce is transient and that’s even in “normal” times. As the pandemic enters its third year, only the strong and creative survive. With a menu that might be described as “wholesome hippy,” Tommy’s strong following has made it possible for Tommy’s to live, cook, and serve another day. Tommy’s also owes some of its success to its creative approach to making pick-up less chaotic. They worked with the city to enable the clear labeling of pick-up slots on the street via super-sized numbers attached to decommissioned parking meters.

Drive up, call and say, “Hey, I’m ready for my Tommy’s and I’m at this spot.” Food delivered to the zone – touchdown. And in our case, delivered at our favorite prime number: 3.

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